My Unproductive March Break

March Break was two weeks long, and I had prepared an insanely long "To-Do" list one week prior to it. I was confident that, as self-disciplined as I was feeling on that particular day, that I would be able to get through every thing. Well, as predicted by my fellow colleague, I barely got through all of the marking and some of planning, in a last-minute-effort sort of fashion.

Mimi the anti-productivity darling

During the beginning days of the first week, I treated myself by shopping, surfing the net for as long as I want and napping sporadically. That only lead to a loss of sleep at night and momentum to execute items on my "To-Do" list. Fast approaching the end of week 1, I realized that the box of Biology IA portfolios were beginning to collect dust, thus in a highly unwilling attempt, began to mark. Look at Mimi, making a new floor mat out of the neatly, alphabetically arranged student folders. Slowly and painfully, I was able to get through all of them by the end of week 1.

Week 2 had a worse start as I had accumulated so much change in my biorhythm that falling asleep was beginning to get difficult. Toward the end of the week, my head had gone totally out of wack due to the irregularity in daily routine. However, I still managed to get SOME of the items done and rid of myself of some guilt.

The highlight of the week had to be trying out bridesmaid dresses with the girls at BCBG outlet store. I fell in love with a lavender piece right away, but had to turn it down due to the thickness of the material and the tulip bottom (we wanted a flare-out cut!)

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