[review] HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF35/PA+++

Hihi there! Believe it or not, I went on a fishing trip today with some family friends at Long Point Provincial Park. I did zero fishing, ate a lot at the pot-luck lunch, fell asleep in the warm afternoon breeze (sounds like a pig right?) and enjoyed a day away from screens :). I spent most of the day paying attention to the sound of orioles chirping (not sure which species), fields of grass swaying in the wind with white cottony-looking seeds that fell from the surrounding trees, felt the gentle touch of wind and smelled the freshness in the air. Developing awareness of one's surroundings is therapeutic, promotes inner peace and mental health (excuse my counselling rant).

But what kept my face nicely protected from the UV rays during my unexpected nap? The answer is -- HERA Sun Mate Daily!

I LOVE the packaging!
Thick and sturdy (both of them^)

{foodie} Okonomiyaki, Ramen and Kiyozumi

Last weekend was more than perfect! I went out with my bridesmaids to try on some wedding gowns at a sample sale. The gowns were really pretty, and I was able to set my mind on the A-line, sheath or fit-and-flare silhouette. The girls had hearty talks over okonomiyaki and bubble tea. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese dish of special flour mixed with cabbage, egg and your meat of choice of a hot plate. You then apply a thin layer of okonomiyaki sauce on top with Japanese mayo to add flavour. It is seen as a informal dish (for casual outings or snacks) in Japan and first originated from Osaka (my absolute FAAAAV Japanese city) after WWII. There's a wide variety of mixing, toppings and varieties nowadays if you visit a restaurant specializing in okonomiyaki.

For dinner on Saturday, R and I visited Santouka Ramen and had delicious Karamiso Ramen (spicy miso based ramen noddles) and Tsukemen (cold noodle). I forgot to ask for less salt with the ramen soup XD but it was delicious nonetheless :), perfect for a summer night out!

Last night, on our way back from an errand uptown, we scouted out a Japanese restaurant ran by some Koreans called Kiyozumi.

[review] Hera Magic Starter

I received a sample of Hera Magic Starter, a foundation primer with my last Korean Beauty Products Purchase. Hera is one of the star lines under Amore Pacific Corporation (Korea) and is on the pricier end of the Korean makeup market.

Brand: HERA
Product: Magic Starter (50 mL)
Color Choices (description of color difference translated from HERE) 
No.1 First Radiance - brightens up skin and adds the effect of suppleness; recommended for fairer skin tones.
No.2 Inner Glow - brightens up dull skin and improves yellow-ish cast on tired skin.
No.3 Blooming Moisture - provides moisture boost, balances redness on the skin and reveals natural skin tone.

[review] Laneige Water Drop Tint

Previously, I mentioned that items purchased from the last Korea beauty products haul have to go through two weeks of trial. However, after using the Laneige Water Drop Tints continuously for one week, I believe my opinions are pretty firmly grounded. So let's share!

Gorgeous lip tints from Laneige

[haul] W2Beauty Online Purchase - Korean Beauty Products!

I have been anticipating the arrival of this box for the past week and half... and it's finally here! I was MEGA excited to open it up and find all the goodies inside I had purchased online at w2beauty on May 29th. It's getting close to bedtime here so let's get to the pictures!

The box arrived safely with all products in mint condition due to the thoughtful bubble-wrapping and strategic placing. Below is a shot of what I bought:

Laneige tints, Innisfree essences, and Hera makeup
Here is a product list (from left to right in the picture above):
✤ Laneige Water Drop Tint in Neon Pink and Peach Coral
✤ Innisfree White Tone Up Eye Serum
✤ Hera Sun Mate Daily SPF35 PA+++
✤ Innisfree Green Persimmon Pore Essence
✤ Hera UV Mist Cushion with SPF 50+/ PA+++ in C21 Cool Vanilla Cover

{foodie} Hmm...What shall we have for dinner?

Shame on me, I haven't cooked for almost an entire week (with the exception of Tuesday, remake of left-overs from restaurant take-out). M.R. went to Don Don Izakaya today and ordered a few mouth-watering dishes, from our old favourites - chicken karage to the new spicy grilled squid. Between the seafood stir fried noodle and pork kimchi fried udon, I would say the latter is the winner because the seafood noodle is just too salty. Add a pinch of sugar will ya? Nonetheless, fried chicken with spicy mayo and a Kirin beer on the side really hits the spot on a warm day!

AQ - finished; Wedding Planning -- start!

Although not extremely laborious in course load, the ESL Part 2 AQ is finally coming to an end. I must say that with some good effort put into readings and creating activities, I learned quite a bit through reflecting on my practices and actually was able to implement several activities for my lovely students to try -- and most were successful!

With the summer drawing near (I think it's here because it's been close to 30C lately), I am so in the mood of working out parts of this upcoming marriage (lol) and weddation = wedding + vacation.

Let's document some of the events so far...

1. Bridesmaids have to look pretty and contrast the serene blue ocean and sky. Therefore, BCBG's Willa Lace dresses made the mark. Although not flowy as I had originally envisioned (well I really never envisioned anything until now), the detailed lace around the bust area and the layers are all very flattering on the girls. It's a flipping $300 after tax each on my bill though (except, L... thank you for absorbing part of my bleeding wallet <3)The picture didn't come out well on the phone... so close-up only.

BCBG Willa Lace Dress in Poppy Red
2. After months of resort-scouting (online) and a month or so of inquiries with Flight Center (Heartland), MR. finally decided on having our symbolic wedding at the gorgeous Paradisus Palma Real in D.R. by the beach ... at sunset! It's amazing how much you can get done when everyone jumps on the bandwagon -- very professional travel agent (Lauren) and efficient significant other ;) There is much paperwork but most are forms for reservations, next steps and I think the resort does a good job in keep event planning in an orderly processing line -- organized in communication and has prepared documents they send you to refer to every step of the way. The response is also prompt, within 24 hours!

3. We were looking at taking pre-wedding photo shoots (it's an Asian thing, haha) in Taiwan and really like the style and quality of Taipei Royal Wedding Photography. Looks like we are taking a trip to the East for the winter holidays! And hopefully, catch some milder weather and visit Japan too.

So that's it for now. We will be trying some bridal gowns in the upcoming weekends. And school will be out in another week and half. SWEEET!
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