{foodie} Okonomiyaki, Ramen and Kiyozumi

Last weekend was more than perfect! I went out with my bridesmaids to try on some wedding gowns at a sample sale. The gowns were really pretty, and I was able to set my mind on the A-line, sheath or fit-and-flare silhouette. The girls had hearty talks over okonomiyaki and bubble tea. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese dish of special flour mixed with cabbage, egg and your meat of choice of a hot plate. You then apply a thin layer of okonomiyaki sauce on top with Japanese mayo to add flavour. It is seen as a informal dish (for casual outings or snacks) in Japan and first originated from Osaka (my absolute FAAAAV Japanese city) after WWII. There's a wide variety of mixing, toppings and varieties nowadays if you visit a restaurant specializing in okonomiyaki.

For dinner on Saturday, R and I visited Santouka Ramen and had delicious Karamiso Ramen (spicy miso based ramen noddles) and Tsukemen (cold noodle). I forgot to ask for less salt with the ramen soup XD but it was delicious nonetheless :), perfect for a summer night out!

Last night, on our way back from an errand uptown, we scouted out a Japanese restaurant ran by some Koreans called Kiyozumi.
The name reminded me of Kiyozumi-dera (清水寺), a Buddhist temple in Kyoto comprised of a number of temple structures and is listed as a world UNESCO site. Here is a collage from the early summer of 2009.

*indulged in flashbacks* what precious memories... so glad we get to go to Japan again for New Year 2015 ^O^!!! 

Any way, back to food. We tried the recommended dish at Kiyozumi (from yelp.ca), unagi kabayaki. There was a twist to this well-received Japanese BBQ eel dish as it had Korean spicy pepper(?) sauce in it, intensifying the eel flavour. We found the dish really appetizing, but not too spicy (I cannot eat much spice at all ;_;). I pigged out and ordered the Kani salad (imitation crab meat, greens, fish roe and japanese mayo) and the Sunomono salad (seaweed salad with three pieces of sashimi -- again unexpected, but delicious). By the time the Nagoya sashimi boat came, I was literally full. I know I'm lame -- always the first one to be hungry and the first one to be full as well T^T. The special roll was deep fried and quite unique. All in all, the experience was positive, with the authentic Japanese decorations in the restaurant to boost. Below is a collage! 

Do you like Japanese food? Have any must-go restaurant recommendations? Leave a comment below!

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