AQ - finished; Wedding Planning -- start!

Although not extremely laborious in course load, the ESL Part 2 AQ is finally coming to an end. I must say that with some good effort put into readings and creating activities, I learned quite a bit through reflecting on my practices and actually was able to implement several activities for my lovely students to try -- and most were successful!

With the summer drawing near (I think it's here because it's been close to 30C lately), I am so in the mood of working out parts of this upcoming marriage (lol) and weddation = wedding + vacation.

Let's document some of the events so far...

1. Bridesmaids have to look pretty and contrast the serene blue ocean and sky. Therefore, BCBG's Willa Lace dresses made the mark. Although not flowy as I had originally envisioned (well I really never envisioned anything until now), the detailed lace around the bust area and the layers are all very flattering on the girls. It's a flipping $300 after tax each on my bill though (except, L... thank you for absorbing part of my bleeding wallet <3)The picture didn't come out well on the phone... so close-up only.

BCBG Willa Lace Dress in Poppy Red
2. After months of resort-scouting (online) and a month or so of inquiries with Flight Center (Heartland), MR. finally decided on having our symbolic wedding at the gorgeous Paradisus Palma Real in D.R. by the beach ... at sunset! It's amazing how much you can get done when everyone jumps on the bandwagon -- very professional travel agent (Lauren) and efficient significant other ;) There is much paperwork but most are forms for reservations, next steps and I think the resort does a good job in keep event planning in an orderly processing line -- organized in communication and has prepared documents they send you to refer to every step of the way. The response is also prompt, within 24 hours!

3. We were looking at taking pre-wedding photo shoots (it's an Asian thing, haha) in Taiwan and really like the style and quality of Taipei Royal Wedding Photography. Looks like we are taking a trip to the East for the winter holidays! And hopefully, catch some milder weather and visit Japan too.

So that's it for now. We will be trying some bridal gowns in the upcoming weekends. And school will be out in another week and half. SWEEET!

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