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I received a sample of Hera Magic Starter, a foundation primer with my last Korean Beauty Products Purchase. Hera is one of the star lines under Amore Pacific Corporation (Korea) and is on the pricier end of the Korean makeup market.

Brand: HERA
Product: Magic Starter (50 mL)
Color Choices (description of color difference translated from HERE) 
No.1 First Radiance - brightens up skin and adds the effect of suppleness; recommended for fairer skin tones.
No.2 Inner Glow - brightens up dull skin and improves yellow-ish cast on tired skin.
No.3 Blooming Moisture - provides moisture boost, balances redness on the skin and reveals natural skin tone.

Basically, the product claims to brighten the skin tone, even out pores, provide an abundance of moisture and lasting makeup-holding power.
I could not find a sufficient number of reviews online since it was recently launched for the Spring/Summer 2014 season. To provide more information for those who want to try this product, I had one go with the sample pouch in No.3 Blooming Moisture. Let's share!

Sample size - a little more than enough for one use!
Color: No.3 Blooming Moisture is a light muted green colour to balance out redness around sides of nose and middle of forehead.

Consistency: light-weight, thin moisturizer-type of consistency, reminded me of the Laneige Balancing Emulsion or Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. Absorbs quickly and non-sticky!

Scent: very lightly scented

Under Primer: Aquamoist Moisture Lotion (toner), Innisfree Green Persimmon Pore Essence, Laneige Balancing Emulsion (Light) and Hera Sun Mate Daily
Application: Spreads easily and evenly all over face; using fingers alone is sufficient.

Blended primer, then UV Mist Cushion Foundation (C21) on top of the primer;
taken under natural morning lighting ^_^
Weather Conditions: Sunny, 24°C , humidity: ~39%.
Duration: 10:15 am - 3:30 pm
Activities including taking the subway, trying on bridal gowns (1 hr), shopping (occasionally walking into stores) and walking leisurely under the sun.

Make-up done! Click to enlarge.
Comments: The Magic Starter did brighten my face and give it a luminous healthy glow. I absolutely LOVED the finished makeup look and how the foundation sat on my face so naturally BEFORE I left the house at 10:15 am. By 1pm, there was very obvious creasing and settling of my Hera UV Mist Cushion Foundation into the fine lines around the eyes (smile lines); dry patches were visible on lower cheeks and makeup became patchy with lessening coverage on certain areas of my face. My nose bridge was oily. I only wished I had brought my camera to capture the creasing and settling of foundation in my fine lines T-T (it was ugly...like I aged by 10 years).

In comparison, I was better off last week wearing the foundation alone or with my Lancome La Base primer.

✤ moisturizing, brightens up skin and provides a healthy glow as advertised
✤ balanced the redness around my nose and forehead to a considerable degree
✤ spreads easily and evenly with fingers
✤ light-weight and non-sticky
✤ very light, pleasant scent

✤ the primer DID NOT hold my foundation intact
✤ visible settling of foundation into smile lines and dry patches in under three hours </3
✤ oil control is minimal

Comments: The Magic Starter in No.3 Blooming Moisture did not fulfil its main duty of providing lasting power to color makeup. Although it is WAY more moisturizing, light-weight and pleasant to wear in comparison to my Lancome La Base, I would not purchase the full size (~$45).

Have you tried this primer? What are some of the light-weight primers out there that are worthwhile? Comment and share your thoughts!

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Thanks for reading. Have a nice day :)

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