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Hihi there! Believe it or not, I went on a fishing trip today with some family friends at Long Point Provincial Park. I did zero fishing, ate a lot at the pot-luck lunch, fell asleep in the warm afternoon breeze (sounds like a pig right?) and enjoyed a day away from screens :). I spent most of the day paying attention to the sound of orioles chirping (not sure which species), fields of grass swaying in the wind with white cottony-looking seeds that fell from the surrounding trees, felt the gentle touch of wind and smelled the freshness in the air. Developing awareness of one's surroundings is therapeutic, promotes inner peace and mental health (excuse my counselling rant).

But what kept my face nicely protected from the UV rays during my unexpected nap? The answer is -- HERA Sun Mate Daily!

I LOVE the packaging!
Thick and sturdy (both of them^)
As mentioned in my previous review on HERA Magic Starter, HERA is a premium brand under Amore Pacific Corporation and is known for its color make-up items (CC cream, HD Fix Foundation)

To be honest, the idea of wearing sunscreen on a daily basis has never occurred to me despite numerous articles I've read regarding skin damage and ageing from UV rays over time. My lack of attention to sun care can be traced back to my teenage experiences associated with drugstore brands (like Coppertone etc). While they do provide the necessary protection from the sun, the gasoline smell, oiliness and cloth-ruining stains always make me cringe. However, I must say that my recent ventures with Vichy and Neutrogena have given me hope again. Anyhow, onto the review.

the back of the tube
The HERA Sun Mate Daily contains 70ml of product and comes in a quality box with an informational brochure inside. I absolutely LOVE the packaging ... it's so modern and sleek! The squeeze-type tube is of great quality with a clear/chrome twist-on oval cap. Definitely not your cheap and thin tubes. I purchased this product from w2beauty for $33.61 USD.

more sneak peaks at the packaging!
 As photographed, the product contains SPF35/PA+++, and is formulated for daily use on the face -- after your morning skincare routine and before make-up. It is good for 12 months after opening, and it has the crest which reads "World Class Product of Korea" (one of the nine awards this product has won).

Ingredients List from the box
click to enlarge
This product contains HERA's patented Dermo Network Protection 2.0 System, which is explained in the brochure scan below:
Informational Pamphlet and HERA Sun Mate product line
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Consistency: creamy, medium in terms of thickness when first squeezed out but spreads out to a thin layer.

Colour: faint pinkish white

Smell: pleasantly floral and similar to Lancome facial creams.The initial smell dissipates to a light scent within 10 minutes or so. Completely odourless within 20 minutes.

swatch - a pea-sized amount (slightly more than what I squeezed out here would be enough!)
If you have used or tried any of the Lancome facial creams, the consistency and smell of this sun cream is very similar, but light upon wearing. 

Application: This cream-type sun screen spreads out easily on the face despite it not being 'milky' and 'watery' when first squeezed out from the tube. It feels light-weight, absorbs quickly, has a smooth/non-sticky finish to the touch, and is not oily nor shiny (I have combination skin). I usually dot the product all over my face then rub in gently with my fingers.  Sun screens takes around 30 minutes to become maximally effective so make sure to keep that in mind when applying.

Results: As you can see in the photo above, there isn't much visible difference between the two pictures, and that's exactly why I love this sun screen. Usually, my foundation primer, foundation/cc cream/bb cream will go on directly after sun screen application. The sun screen does not affect the wear-time of my make up at all -- just proceed with your usual routine, or leave the door bare-faced :) !

Today's Picnic Look :D
Bangs need trimming;_;
Comments: The HERA Sun Mate Daily is a facial sun screen/cream with SPF35 and PA+++ protection. It applies nicely on the skin with a wonderful smell, and is not oily/greasy nor sticky. It does a great job at 'not being there' -- not interfering with makeup application nor wear-time but gives you the comfort of UV protection. It's been my trusty daily sun protection for more than three weeks now and it has not triggered any irritations for my combination skin. I feel completely comfortable wearing it before I leave the house, with make-up or by itself. The only 0.5 deduction would be the initial fragrance; although it's light to medium in intensity and dissipates quickly, some may prefer less of a perfume-y sent.

Do you have a Holy Grail Sun screen product to recommend? Leave a comment below!
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