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Previously, I mentioned that items purchased from the last Korea beauty products haul have to go through two weeks of trial. However, after using the Laneige Water Drop Tints continuously for one week, I believe my opinions are pretty firmly grounded. So let's share!

Gorgeous lip tints from Laneige

I bought these lip tints because my mini Buxom glosses were finished after a year and I have always been a fan of Laneige. The name "Water Drop" made the lip tint sound very moisturising (just like their Water Bank skincare line) and after reading some reviews online, I decided to buy the tint in Neon Pink and Peach Coral. Click HERE to see the official webpage for Laneige Water Drop Tint and swatches. These priced around 22,000 kw each but I got them for around $30 CAD each at W2beauty.

The packaging is simple, sleek and user-friendly, which I adore. The opening is narrower than the square-ish tube, controlling the amount of product drawn out by the brush with each application. The consistency is a thin cream that spreads easily and evenly with the help of the angled flat brush with soft bristles on two sides. The scent is pleasant and peachy (light), and the tint doesn't taste like anything if accidentally licked.

 If you checked out the Laneige Official webpage, you will see that a lip primer is recommended before tint application if you want the full gradient effect and longer-wear. Please take into consideration that I do not own a lip primmer thus the tints were used on bare lips (or over a balm) as I normally would in a hurry to get out the door in the morning or do touch-ups at work. Below is a picture of the Peach Coral tint on my (gross up-close) lips over time.

tint in Coral Peach in natural afternoon lighting
✤ highly pigmented tint and buildable for desired colour intensity
✤ ergonomic design of the bottle and brush makes application quick and easy
✤ initial cooling sensation, as if water has been brushed onto the lips during application  
✤ the tint spreads easily and evenly, does not accentuate dry patches or lines in the lips
✤ beautiful glossy finish
transfer is minimal when drinking

✤ colour intensity fades quickly within 30 minutes of application (without primer), thus requiring constant touch-ups
✤ lips feel dry after the initial cooling and watery sensation disappears, in about 10 minutes </3

 Lip tint in Neon Pink on the full lip at work!
I look kind of unhappy here ;_; for some reason.
Comments: The Laneige Water Drop Tint is beautifully designed and packaged, glides onto the lips gorgeously with great pigmentation and shine. The cooling, watery sensation makes application delightful but does not last through the day. I highly recommend using a lip balm and a primer under this tint, especially if you are looking to create the youthful gradation effect. It is drier here in Toronto than many of the Asian countries and I find having drier lips really bothers me throughout the day. Thus, as a stand-alone product, I find it disappointing for the price. I am sure there are many products with better price-value points out there.

Have you tried lip tints before? How did you create the gradation effect? Do you have other recommendations for lip tint products? 

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