🌸 A Walk with Hydrangeas

After 5 and some hours of flight, I arrived in Vancouver yesterday for a family vacation. After dinner, I took a calming and refreshing walk around the neighbourhood, and saw many of my beloved hydrangea flowers in various shades. Too bad I only had my phone with me... but nonetheless the low-res pictures still turned out stunning. Enjoy :)

DIY Brush Holder

Summer is wonderful, because it gives me plenty of time to do what I love...one of them being DIY ;) I procrastinated on making this brush holder for the longest time but here it is, using accessible materials and a little experimentation. Making it took about 10 minutes... although photographing and editing took about an hour XD Read on for pics and tips if you are looking to make one too ;)

[review] Innisfree Green Persimmon Pore Essence

When skincare restocking season came (it comes twice a year for me... major bloodshed this year though as I couldn't suppress my curiosity T^T), I frantically watch and read through hundreds of youtube videos and blog posts in search of worthy Asian skincare products to buy. One of the new brands I decided to try is Innisfree (another Amorepacific brand, holy smokes), born from Jeju island and is promoted as eco-friendly, green and uses natural ingredients. Some of their products claim to have the 7-free systemno paraben, no artificial coloring, no artificial fragrance, no mineral oil, no ethanol, no animal materials,no benzophenone (which is quite amusing, I must admit O_O)

The two innisfree items I bought from w2beauty.
Do you like these shots from mom's backyard? I thought a natural setting really suits these two ;)

2013-2014 Cleansing & Skincare Routine

If you know me personally, I always talk in cycles of school years, since I have been stuck in the cycle for as long as I can remember. I will start my 2013-2014 Staples series today with the Skincare Edition ;)

Aha! With the exception my Clarisonic Mia, everything thing else is in some shades of blue and white. I guess packaging in this color scheme sell a sense of cleanliness and purity to the customers. Read on for my brief description of my cleansing and skincare routine.

[review + haul] AmorePacific Ebay Store

When shopping around online, one can easily get frustrated and overwhelmed by the numbers of sellers, their reputation, product authenticity, price, shipping and delivery. I have always been a big online shopper since my early undergrad years, buying craft elements, stickers, skincare and beauty products online, mostly on Ebay. I love the idea of browsing through websites, comparing prices, reading comments and reviews, and getting goodies in the mail :) 

Today I'll be reviewing an Ebay store and share my recent purchase as a returning customer. My personal thoughts will be in green italics.

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation (short-form 'AP) Cosmetic Brands:

Global Ebay Store - more products and monthly promotions on homepage

{foodie} indulge away at Scaramouche

*I'm no food critic -- just someone who loves to try delicious food :) *

Recommended by a darling colleague, I reserved a dining room sitting at Scaramouche Restaurant yesterday for R's birthday dinner. It is nested within a peaceful (but unexpected) residential area in Mid-town Toronto right off Avenue Road, slightly north of Dupont. Their menu always changes depending on the produce that is in season as well as the 'catch-of-the-day'. Their weekly menu can be found on their website. The executive chef is Keith Froggett.

Although I had checked the location beforehand, I was surprised that the restaurant was tucked inside of what looked like an apartment building, with a neat fountain in the front and a circular drive way. As soon as we arrived, a gentleman came out and offered us valet parking. The dining room's main entrance was off to the left corner of the apartment, and steps lead us down into the main dining area.

O Canada! <3

Some Canadian highlights in no particular order:

Maple syrup, ice wine, hockey, Rocky Mountains, squirrels, beavers, moose, Canada goose, CN Tower, Maritimes, West coast, Prairies, Ice, free primary and secondary compulsory education, free universal health care  multiculturalism.

Most importantly, the love and respect Canadians have for their fellow Canadians and visitors from around the world. 

Happy Canada Day!

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