DIY Brush Holder

Summer is wonderful, because it gives me plenty of time to do what I of them being DIY ;) I procrastinated on making this brush holder for the longest time but here it is, using accessible materials and a little experimentation. Making it took about 10 minutes... although photographing and editing took about an hour XD Read on for pics and tips if you are looking to make one too ;)

1.  A decorated cubic vase I received as a guest prize a friend's wedding; you can use any size/make/colour container and decorate to your liking.

2. Large plastic roses we got as prizes from playing 'Dreamland' at an arcade in Japan (yes, I brought those pieces back just because they looked pretty). These are going to provide the strong hold the brushes need.

3. Vase fillers from the dollar store for TWO dollars O_o;;

materials gathered - and some good company (meow-time!)

The end-goal for this brush-holder is to look chic and hold all four of my chunky Sigma Sigmax brushes without them falling over in all directions. I experimented a bit and quickly realized that I had to layer the large beads with the fillers alternatively like making a layered cake. 

✤ Use some large beads/pieces if you want brushes to stand upright. You can go for fillers-only if you have lighter/thinner/shorter brushes or tapered brush handles;

Scatter large beads/pieces randomly so brush handles can poke all the way through.

Fill the container up to any height of your liking -- the higher the filler, the sturdier the hold. However, fuller containers may lead to chances of spillage when you insert/remove your brushes. Adjust according to your use.

Round and thick handled brushes stand snugly...
and so does my spot corrector!

Here we go, quick-and-easy brush holder strong enough for all four Sigmax brushes, plus enough room for an old Sephora blush brush and a spot corrector tube. There's still room for a couple more :D

absolutely LOVE this <3
Thanks for reading! Have a nice day :)

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