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When skincare restocking season came (it comes twice a year for me... major bloodshed this year though as I couldn't suppress my curiosity T^T), I frantically watch and read through hundreds of youtube videos and blog posts in search of worthy Asian skincare products to buy. One of the new brands I decided to try is Innisfree (another Amorepacific brand, holy smokes), born from Jeju island and is promoted as eco-friendly, green and uses natural ingredients. Some of their products claim to have the 7-free systemno paraben, no artificial coloring, no artificial fragrance, no mineral oil, no ethanol, no animal materials,no benzophenone (which is quite amusing, I must admit O_O)

The two innisfree items I bought from w2beauty.
Do you like these shots from mom's backyard? I thought a natural setting really suits these two ;)

I purchased the Green Persimmon Pore Essence from w2beauty for $26.95 USD . The plastic cap on the bottle has fallen loose during transportation but was easily snapped back on. The bottle is plastic and the printing on it is soy ink.

I absolutely adore this pic <3 and the next one...
The product states that it is formulated with green persimmon to help tighten and minimize enlarge pores as it controls excessive sebum. It is dispensed by a bulky pump, which I don't find very impressive as it often dispenses products in a projectile trajectory ... flying off in unwanted directions.

innisfree should use my pics as poster advertisement :P
ingredients list
Consistency: It's a runny gel-like essence that is light-weight.

Scent: I don't think regular orangey-red persimmons smell like much and certainly have not whiffed a green one. The scent reminds me of grapefruit -- you know the citrus smell. I guess that's what green persimmons smell like? Pretty pleasant actually.

Application: spreads and absorbs very easily into the skin and does not leave any stickiness.

click to enlarge those pores ><
Effectiveness: Unfortunately, I have not yet witnessed any improvements in my pore size... while I am realistic and know that pore-tightening products do not produce miracles, I was hoping that it would at least show a tiny little bit of change. As for sebum control, I have noticed that my pores became silky smooth to the touch after absorption. However, because I normally have drier cheeks, I cannot comment on the oil-control effectiveness of this product.

Comments: The innisfree green persimmon pore essence is a moderately-priced essence claimed to minimize pores and provide sebum control. It did not improve the appearance of pores over a month of continued usage. I currently use it for its moisturising properties and will not repurchase in the future.

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