{Foodie} Lunch Specials at Kingyo Izakaya

So by now you have probably figured that I love Japanese food. Both authentic and fusion. From formal sophisticated multi-course Kaiseki Ryori to Osaka street food like Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.

It's really been a hell of a week (or two) and we decided to explore a bit downtown and try out some lunch specials at Kingyo Izakaya. Izakayas are Japan's version of pubs, they often have excellent dishes that are very unique and appetizing to go with the drinks. I was a bit surprised to find Kingyo in Toronto (in the old cabbagetown area) ... the last time we ate there was in Vancouver!

It's situated in a quite neighbourhood just off Parliament St. and there are some parking options alongside the roads or public paid lots. Enough blabbing, Onto the photos!
Unique store front after you get into the front door facing the street.

Salad with three kinds of sashimi, $7
The salad was a refreshing start to the meal. There were three pieces of sashimi: salmon, scallop and torched tuna. I'm not entirely sure that the scallop was completely raw. The dressing is tangy and yummy, and there is a variety of veggies in the salad... make sure you toss it completely before eating!
September Lunch Set - Tantan Ramen and Karaage (fried chicken), $14.99

With much curiously, R ordered the Tantan Noodle set, complete with Japanese style fried chicken on rice and a couple of side dishes of picked cabbage and marinated Chinese chives. The soup was not as spicy as expected but it was creamy for tantan noodles.

Pork Kakuni Bowl Set, $ 9.99
This appetizing combo was the 6-hour slow cooked pork belly with poached egg and nori strands on rice. The side dishes have the ox tongue (I believe) and a hearty miso soup with slices of ginseng, daikon radish and lotus roots. Pork belly is usually my favourite Chinese dish, but this rendition of it was simply irresistible. The pork belly was so tender and the flavour was just right!
a close up!

I loved how the sauce seeped down into the bed of rice, making the bowl so much more palatable overall. Although I would have liked the rice a bit more softer and chewier.

goodbye dessert - frozen grapes!
Overall, we loved the restaurant and the concept of having lunch specials there. They are at a reasonable price point, the food is nicely prepared with attention to detail and taste absolutely delicious. We were so full after lunch and kept on talking how we want to come back to try their Deluxe Bento next time :) Their menu says that there are only 10 sets served a day O_O. Anyways, onward to find more yummy spots around town!

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