[haul] w2beauty Korean Beauty Products - Spring

Happy 33 degrees celsius everybody! Well, that's what my car thermometer said today at around 5pm. My spring makeup itch is back and I enjoyed myself thoroughly this time around browsing online for quality products.  

The itch this time is none other than lip products. It finally feels like spring borderline summer in Toronto, so time to freshen up those lips with splashes of colour!

💎 Tying the knot with Mr. Z ❤️

After a long unannounced hiatus since last September, I am happy to be finally back to blogging! Forgive me as I took on the responsibilities of a full-time Master's student while working a 60% teaching load in the 2014-2015 school year. In addition, I had to plan a City Hall wedding in Toronto in March, plus a symbolic wedding vacation away at Dominican Republic for April. Everything turned out fabulous as I had a fantastic, heart-warming wedding vacation where I experienced un-anticipated "dream-come-true" moments, and all of our guests bonded beautifully. Graduation for the M.Ed program is in line for June, and I will be taking on the challenges of a new position at work. Lots of exciting things happening for sure! 

Today's post will give you a little sneak peak at engagement photos (of myself only for the most part, respecting privacy of my husband) taken in Taipei during Christmas of 2014, and the symbolic ceremony in Dominican Republic in April 2015. 

We chose Taipei Royal Wedding Photography because we were attracted by their range of photography styles, large selection of gowns and excellent reviews for their service. We went to the studio three days before our appointment date and picked out dresses (which they tailored each one to my measurements) and confirm photo spots. 

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