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Ever since I stepped into the world of makeup in my third year of University, I've been faithfully using the Lancome Bi-facil Double Action Eye Make-up Remover. My first ever bottle was a 50mL sample from a gift-with-purchase event with mom at The Bay. After experiencing how easy it is to remove eye makeup with a cotton pad, I've repurchased the Bifacil many times either as samples or bought full-size (over $30). I never thought twice about trying different brands until last year, when I read overwhelmingly positive reviews on the Clinique makeup remover for Lids Lashes & Lips on Sephora's website. In addition to the raving reviews, it's about $13 less than Lancome for the same 4.2oz bottle!

At $23 CAD, the Clinique makeup remover for LLL is housed in a lilac plastic bottle with a chrome lid that is child-proof. The back of the packaging identifies the bi-phase liquid content as allergy-tested, ophthalmologist-tested, and fragrance free. Big thumbs up!

To use the remover, shake it well, then push down and twist open the lid. The opening is slightly larger than the size of a dime, which makes it quick and easy for dispensing onto my Shiseido cotton pad. I usually place the cotton pad firmly on the opening, tip the entire bottle upside down for a brief second, then bringing it back up quickly. This will give me the appropriate amount to remove one eye with a partially soaked cotton pad. Remember to gently press-lift-move-press on the lid area, don't ever drag the cotton to remove eye makeup! I also dip my double-ended cotton swabs into the liquid when removing residual makeup between lashes and corners of the eyes.

Functionality wise, I have not used it on lip product removal, but it performs outstandingly on eye shadows, primers & water-proof mascara. Compared to the Lancome Bifacil, the Clinique remover feels less oily, has no fragrance and is equally effective at removing make-up, while costing 1/3 less. It's a clear winner in my books, and I have already picked up a $11 travel size to bring with me on trips this summer. The small bottle can be cleaned and re-used for other liquid products on trips later as well.

My rating on this product is:

What are some of your favourite cleansing products? 

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