[review] DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

On my last trip to Japan (which was probably my 7th trip lol) with my husband, I picked up the much-raved DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, a drug store product that is used as the first step of my daily 'double-cleansing' routine. Many bloggers and Youtubers have crowned it as a "Japanese Drugstore Must-Buy" item, so when I saw it in the limited edition Disney princess packaging, I just had to pick it up!

There were a couple of designs and I personally liked the cinderella one better (blue-themed), but this was the only design available in the store near my hotel at the time. The bottle is made of good quality plastic, with a pump nozzle enclosed in a light blue plastic cap. The cap is slightly loose and I would have liked it if it 'clicked' on better. After some use, the nozzle head will become somewhat oily, so regular maintenance is recommended.

One pump dispenses a toonie-sized amount which is perfect for the area of my face, and after 30 seconds of gentle massaging, most of the makeup has been dissolved. It works gently around the eye area as well (close your eyes though!). Rinse briefly with warm water, followed by a second cleanse with a face wash (foam, gel, stick...) for a complete removal of makeup/debris your face endured throughout the day!

This cleansing oil can be found in almost all of the cosmetic drugstores in Japan. I bought mine at Don Quijote for around 1200 yen for 70ml. It is a smaller size than the regular 6.7 oz / 200ml for about $30 USD. You can read more about it on DHC's official website and even pick some up on Amazon or Rakuten!

My rating for this product is:

Thanks for reading. Which cleansing oil(s) have you found superb?

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