VIB Rouge 20% off Sale Haul

What is joy? Joy is receiving Sephora boxes in the mail, and that's what I've been getting for the past four days! Ever since the 'waves' of ordered were placed, I've been longing and longing for the deliveries, which were reasonably delayed due to high volumes.

As I mentioned in the last blog, I missed out on doing research and placing orders on highly-rated products this time around, but still managed to grab a few seriously amazing items and sets. Group photo first!

Let the haul begin!

{update} Sprinkles of Fall 2017

I've literally just emerged from a tall pile of papers in my study room just to stroll around on the blog... I miss blogging so much!😔  The number of drafts and photos I prepared back in August are silently collecting dust in their file folders on the desktop while I disappeared into the all-consuming world of teaching, once September arrived.

It's another school year (16-17 ;( gosh, the numbers keep getting bigger!), another mix of student personalities in each cohort, and another carousel of courses for me to build and master. I must say that I have grown to like all my classes, from kids to the subject, to developing curriculum, resources and trying out strategies. 

One aspect of work that I STILL feel quite blessed in, is having genuinely supportive and caring colleagues. Teaching can be quite a lonely feat sometimes contrary to the belief that we work in departments of like-subjects and that the job is highly social. Since my arrival at my current school 5 years ago,  every year I've had to reach out and work with someone 'new' due to all my shifting responsibilities -- and so far, what a treat to have such lovely adults around. The people I've worked with not only supported my responsibilities and share resources selflessly, but are also trustworthy and such great resources for mental health maintenance. 💜

Oh, did I also mention that I turned 30? According to my lovely Department leader, it's my Golden birthday because it fell on Sept.30th, when I turned 30 years old. That terminology right there sparked a whole weekend-long of celebrations, starting with high tea at Ritz, then mouth-watering BBQ with even octopus(!) at Rachie's, then Ste.Anne's Spa getaway the weekend after (OK, that's two weekends hehehe).

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